Sharing in the Divert mining Farm will be a more effective and practical solution
than creating your own mining farm.

We built a platform for
The crypto trading Industry

No need to look for quality mining equipment.
Low threshold for entering a mining business.
With Divert you will have a mining contract.
No need to continually update and improve it yourself.
No need to repair it if a breakdown occurs.
No need to pay for electricity, rent a room and take care of equipment cooling.
No need to be afraid that they will come to you and close your mining business when regulation comes out.
No need to be afraid of other expenses that may exceed your income.

What is Crypto?
How it works

Problems & Solutions

Divert provides solutions to many problems facing miners.


The right place to start your mining Divert Mining Farm provides the best service to get the highest mining profit in the world.

Cooling cost
Very high electricity cost
Hardware maintenance cost
The noise of the mining equipment
Management of mining equipment or farm



Buy mining contracts
You can buy mining contracts and get coins after deducting Divert's owed service fee.

Buy mining hardware
can purchase mining hardware at Divert and it will be hosted and fully managed.

Create a private mining farm
Divert creates and fully manages your own mining farm.

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Mobile App

Easily manage your mining account.

Android & ios app

Remotely manage your Divert activities.
Divert mobile app is an app that lets you manage your Divert account and your activities.
Manage your mining rigs on the go!

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  • Latest cryptocurrency news
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We are working to provide the best service and will follow the roadmap that was established in
order to build great confidence with our customers.

Q3 2020
Launch of
Divert Finance
Q4 2021
mining farms
Q4 2021
Availability of purchasing &
mining contracts
Q1 2022
private farms
Q2 2022
Wallet integration available on
Google Play, App Store, Windows
Q3 2022
Expanding to
many countries

Our Team


Creative and
Dedicated People


Years of combined experience


Years of blockchain experience

N. Saliu
A. Abeling
Mining Farm Manager
C. Kabakci
E. Kilic
UI / UX Designer
E. Ahmeti
S. Simon
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Originally the term "FAQ" referred to the Frequently Asked Question itself, and the
compilation of questions and answers was known as a "FAQ list" or some similar expression.

You can purchase mining contracts and receive your mining profits after deducting service fees for Divert, Or buy mining hardware (the device will be hosted and managed by us completely), Or create a private mining farm (Divert creates and manages your own mining farm completely).
You don't need to look for quality mining equipment, You don't need to fix any malfunctions, you don’t need to be afraid of other expenses that may exceed your income, you don’t need to be afraid that they will come to you and close your mining business when regulation comes out, you don’t need to pay for electricity, rent a room and take care of equipment cooling, you will also have a low threshold for entering the mining business.
You will get your mining profits into your Divert account, and you can easily withdraw the profits to your wallet.
Mining is the process of spending computing power to process transactions, secure the network, and keep everyone in the system synchronized together. It can be perceived like the Bitcoin data center except that it has been designed to be fully decentralized with miners operating in all countries and no individual having control over the network. This process is referred to as "mining" as an analogy to gold mining because it is also a temporary mechanism used to issue new bitcoins. Unlike gold mining, however, Bitcoin mining provides a reward in exchange for useful services required to operate a secure payment network. Mining will still be required after the last bitcoin is issued.
Anybody can become a Bitcoin miner by running software with specialized hardware. Mining software listens for transactions broadcast through the peer-to-peer network and performs appropriate tasks to process and confirm these transactions. Bitcoin miners perform this work because they can earn transaction fees paid by users for faster transaction processing, and newly created bitcoins issued into existence according to a fixed formula. For new transactions to be confirmed, they need to be included in a block along with a mathematical proof of work.
This makes it exponentially difficult to reverse previous transactions because this requires the recalculation of the proofs of work of all the subsequent blocks. Bitcoin miners are neither able to cheat by increasing their own reward nor process fraudulent transactions that could corrupt the Bitcoin network because all Bitcoin nodes would reject any block that contains invalid data as per the rules of the Bitcoin protocol. Consequently, the network remains secure even if not all Bitcoin miners can be trusted.
Mining creates the equivalent of a competitive lottery that makes it very difficult for anyone to consecutively add new blocks of transactions into the block chain. This protects the neutrality of the network by preventing any individual from gaining the power to block certain transactions. This also prevents any individual from replacing parts of the block chain to roll back their own spends, which could be used to defraud other users. Mining makes it exponentially more difficult to reverse a past transaction by requiring the rewriting of all blocks following this transaction.


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